Chip ATM card

Collect the new chip ATM at our Head office at Ten wek

its more secure and fast.

The card last for 5 years


Send money to your account through our paybill

Go to Mpesa select lipa na Mpesa enter paybill our paybill is

430179 then enter your ID or account number

then enter the amount then select ok.


Tuungane Chamaa Loans                                                                            Bank ovedraft

features                                                                                                         Reducing balance interest rate

  • Minimum operating balance of 1000                                                         Repayable in a maximum of six months.
  • A group of not less than five.                                                                 is based on the net salary.
  • Group Savings used as collateral for loans
  • Attractive interest rates.

Kilimo Bora Loans

This are products designed for farmers.

This loans will be based on the monthly payment from KTDA.

Repayments collected on final bonus payments.

Tenhos Sacco Society Ltd head office is in Tenwek market,Bomet District Bomet county,Kenya.The sacco was formed in July 1989 and was registered by the ministry of Co-operative Development and Marketing 0n the 27th July 1989.

The Sacco started FOSA operations in 2002 reaching out to the business community and the farmers from Bomet,Kericho and Nakuru counties.

The products offered include Front office services (fosa) back office services and micro-credit products.

Tenhos Sacco Society is licensed by the Sacco Society Regulatory Authority(SASRA).

Paybil          430179

Make deposits and repay your loan through your mobile phone.


 GO to M-pesa select lipa na M-pesa then select Paybil enter Business number 430179 Enter your account number or your ID then enter the amount you want to deposit then select OK